October 2, 2022

Kristel Bichara: Story of One of First Arab Artists in NFTs

Kristel Bichara

Kristel Bichara

The past period witnessed the joining of Arab artists in the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). One of the first Arab female artists who entered this world is Kristel Bichara of Lebanon. 

In the following lines, we will review who she is and her story in the NFT world. 

Who is Kristel Bichara? 

Bichara is a Lebanese artist, who had a passion for art from her father, who was a talented painter. Since being at the university, Bichara worked on developing her talent and studied graphic design, a matter which opened doors for her to know more related programs and various technologies from which she benefited. 

She is fond of exploring cities, museums, and art galleries. She dedicates her mornings to art at her studio in Dubai where she lives, while she spends evenings with her family as she is a mother of two children.

Contemporary Artist with Special Style

Several factors and reasons made Bichara an artist with a special style. One of the most significant factors is her keenness to showcase diversity in her paintings by mixing the east and west, past and future, and traditional and digital art. 

Also, she is distinguished in using printing methods based on oil and acrylic, which gives her paintings a distinctive touch.

Kristel Bichara

Career Full of Achievements

Bichara started her artistic career from an early age as she managed to make herself a rising star in a very short period in the Middle East region. Her artworks were displayed all over the world, especially at showrooms in Milan, Brussels, Paris, and Tokyo. 

She was highly acclaimed in Dubai as she won the UAE Resident Artist Award at the 2018 World Art Dubai for her art collection dubbed “Beauty in Diversity.” Bichara was also appreciated for being one of the pioneering figures in the NFTs in the Middle East as she was one of the first artists who adopted these digital assets.  

Bichara and NFTs

As we have already mentioned, Bichara is the first artist in the Arab world to sell her paintings using non-fungible tokens. Bichara has always been fascinated by DeFi (decentralized finance) and wanted to be an early adopter of this amazing technology by using it to show her art to the world.

She launched her NFT collection named “Beauty in DeFi” inspired from the crypto world, for which she received high praise worldwide. Therefore, she realized the importance of NFTs for innovators because of their transparency, which protects the originality of the artwork being sold.

Bichara’s Vision Toward Digital Art

Bichara believed that art is transforming and evolving, influenced by surrounding changes in society, economy, culture, political landscape, and technology. Over the past two years, technology sparked a revolution in the art world not only by providing new art media but also by offering new ways of doing business, where people can buy paintings online. 

Bichara says she has to defend digital art’s safety and value as a contemporary artist whose value is not less than the traditional one. She believes no one can ever talk about digital art without engaging in cryptocurrencies, crypto art, NFT, and other things that will change the art world.

Positive View Toward NFTs

Always, Bichara stresses the importance of NFTs for artists and collectors. For collectors, the NFT is a golden opportunity for them to document their works and preserve their material rights.

As for the buyers and collectors, the NFT technology guarantees obtaining rare and original works as the NFTs are based on the blockchain as it provides a secure record of transactions and helps in proving the ownership of property and source of artwork. In general, Bichara expects that the investment market in digital art will expand significantly in the coming period, a matter which will reflect positively on artists. 

You can follow Bichara’s official accounts on social media via these links:

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