July 28, 2023

Lacoste Launches Virtual Retail Experience in Cooperation with Emperia

Lacoste Virtual Store

Lacoste Virtual Store

Famous apparel brand Lacotse collaborated with Emperia, a platform developer for brands to launch e-commerce experiences in VR, to debut its new virtual store for the summer.

Lacoste’s new virtual store gives an immersive retail experience in the virtual space with exclusive elements for the holders of Lacoste’s UNDW3 NFT passes. UNDW3, which means “underwater,” is Lacoste’s NFT-based loyalty program, according to Decrypt.

Users can access the virtual store through Lacoste’s standard e-commerce platform. They will enter through the brand’s symbolic crocodile as they will explore a store then they can take a lift up to an outdoor pool area overlooking a beach.

Pieces of Lacoste’s summer collection will be available at the boutique in addition, users can take part in a crocodile-themed scavenger hunt game.

Holders of the UNDW3 tokens can enter an additional VIP space underwater which could be accessed either by an email login or by connecting a digital wallet containing the token.

UNDW3 tokens holders will find an exclusive apparel collection for them, made by Lacoste’s UNDW3 community members. Each physical garment comes with a digital twin as an NFT and an augmented reality (AR) feature accessed by scanning a QR code. Moreover, they will enjoy an exclusive extra level of the scavenger hunt game with the opportunity of winning prizes every week during the summer.

In this regard, Emperia CEO Olga Dogadkina said: “Our ongoing work with Lacoste and its advanced view of e-commerce and customer loyalty has given birth to new technologies that yield an improved user journey that connects the dots between virtual and physical retail.”

It is not the first time Emperia to cooperate with Lacoste to build a virtual retail experience. In December 2022, they launched the first one that involved a token-gated gamified element for UNDW3 holders and went on to win a Webby Award in May.

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