January 7, 2023

LG Reveals First-Ever Wireless TV with Built-in NFT Marketplace

LG Art Lab

LG Art Lab

The South Korean tech giant LG Electronics presented the first-ever wireless LG Smart TV with a built-in NFT marketplace, according to Daily Coin.

The new TV, which was launched at the Consumer Electronics Show 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada, represents a technological revolution for Web3 enthusiasts. 

LG Electronics integrated its Blade Wallet service to allow NFT fans to purchase, sell and trade NFTs on LG Art Lab. LG Art Lab is a fully interactive digital marketplace, launched in September 2022, that allows users to trade high-quality digital artwork and enjoy them on LG’s Smart TVs in partnership with Hedera blockchain. 

Moreover, the TV maker will let the smart TV users enjoy a virtual experience on Sansar, a metaverse social platform, which is based on the User Generated Market (UGM). Web3 lovers can buy tickets to concerts, participate in exclusive airdrops, buy new virtual gear for their avatars, and more on the UGM-based metaverse platform. 

LG partnered with Oorbit, a cloud Web3 service, to bring two integrated virtual worlds to LG TVs through the PIXELYNX metaverse platform, a new experience, which allows the users to transfer their digital identity from one virtual world to another. 

According to NFT Lately, Oorbit will bring virtual concerts on ELYNXIR from PIXELYNX and AI-generated multiplayer games in Auxuman’s Auxworld.

In this regard, Co-founder and CEO of PIXELYNX Inder Phull expressed his enthusiasm for cooperation with LG and Oorbit to bring ELYNXIR from PIXELYNX to the people’s living rooms, adding: “PIXELYNX is building one of the largest metaverse distribution networks for interactive music formats, and this partnership presents an impactful opportunity to showcase the engaging power of gaming and music. We couldn’t be more excited to bring our network to life through LG televisions.”

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