February 7, 2023

Louis Vuitton Cooperates with Japanese Artist to Release 10K NFTs

Louis Vuitton Cooperates with Japanese Artist to Release 10K NFTs Featured Image

Louis Vuitton

Leading international fashion house Louis Vuitton teamed up with Japanese contemporary artist Yayoi Kusama to release a set of 10,000 NFTs in conjunction with its 200th anniversary.

Following the success of its first NFT game a few months ago, Louis Vuitton, this time, seeks to celebrate its 200th anniversary by selling NFTs to allow its consumers to easily exchange them for tangible copies, according to NFT Evening.

The pioneering fashion house targets making income from selling these NFTs on the marketplace of Opensea by charging customers a 7% royalty. Experts predict that the NFT collaboration between Louis Vuitton and the 93-year-old artist will cost 4 ETH based on the costs of other luxury companies’ NFTs. This is the second collaboration between the company and Yayoi Kusama after 10 years after their first partnership in 2012.

NFT Lately reported that Yayoi Kusama is widely known for her Infinity Rooms and her signature polka-dotted pumpkin, which have made her the most famous artist in the world. Her influence is increasing thanks to social media and the fact that she is known on many different platforms.

It is worth mentioning that the NFT game, known as Louis: The Game, which was introduced in August 2021, has been downloaded more than two million times. The company aimed to educate players on the brand’s 200-year history. Players are getting awarded randomly free NFTs rather than an auction or priced sale.

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