October 7, 2022

Maha Abouelenin: Egyptian Entrepreneur Entered NFTs

Maha Abo El Eneen

Maha Aboelenein

The NFT industry succeeded in attracting several Arab entrepreneurs over the past period. One of the most prominent female entrepreneurs, who entered the industry, is Maha Abouelenein of Egypt. 

In this article, we will review Abouelenein’s story with Web 3.0, generally, and NFTs in particular. 

Who Is Maha Abouelenein?

Abouelenein, an Egyptian entrepreneur, was born and raised in the United States. She graduated from Minnesota State University, Mankato, after receiving a bachelor’s degree in international business and marketing in 1991 and a master’s degree in speech communication from the same university in 1995. 

Professional Career 

Having a 30-year of experience working for large companies, Abouelenein was the head of communications MENA at Google for several years. She worked as a consultant with Netflix for five years in addition to taking part in setting up the telecommunications infrastructure for Careem. 

Currently, Abouelenein is the founder and executive director of Digital and Savvy, a communications consulting company, which has offices in the US and Dubai. She manages public relations for the famous businessman’s personal brand, Gary Vee, as well as offering consultations for high-level people and companies. 

Abouelenein and Web 3.0

Because of assuming tech-related posts, Abouelenein became more understanding of Web 3.0 and its related technology like NFTs, blockchain, metaverse, and others. 

Through her company, Digital and Savvy, she provided consultations to important figures in this field, including Gary Vee. She also took part in organizing the first event which could be only entered by NFT tickets in partnership with Gary Vee.

Launching A New Digital Era 

Abouelenein said, on more than one occasion, that she aims to form a new digital era by entering Web 3.0, looking forward to achieving amazing accomplishments in the NFTs, metaverse, and digital property. 

In one of her interviews, she said: “We are building the future from A to Z.” 

You can follow Aboelenein’s official accounts on social media via these links: 

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