October 11, 2022

Maliha Abidi: Pakistani Artist Uses NFTs to Promote Human Rights Issues

Maleha Abidi

Maleha Abidi

A large number of NFT artists succeeded in making use of their art and digital innovations to shed light on humanitarian issues in which they believe. One of the most significant artists, who made use of their talents to send their messages, was the renowned Pakistani-American artist, Maliha Abidi. 

In this article, we will review how Abidi made use of NFTs to support issues in which she believes. 

Who Is Maliha Abidi? 

Abidi is a Pakistani-American artist, who was born in Karachi and then migrated to California when she was 14. She studied neurology and founded the Story of Mental Health platform, which is dedicated to offering resources to raise awareness about mental health, especially for women in Pakistan, India, Nepal, and Bangladesh.

She wrote a number of books, through which she shed light on several social issues which are related to women in Pakistan. 

Her Artistic Career 

Abidi was fond of art since her childhood. Her experiences played a key role in determining the nature of the artworks, she presents. Her artworks focused on women’s rights, mental health, combating racism and hatred, social justice, and other human issues that she has experienced. 

She drew one painting after another to raise awareness about social justice and collect funds for organizations that fight for gender equality, mental health, and girls’ education.

Abidi traveled to various countries and gave speeches at several conferences. Her artworks have been published in many international media outlets, such as the BBC, Glamor, TRT World, and others.

Heading for NFTs 

Over the past period, Abidi started to go deep into Web 3.0 as she sees that women did not effectively participate in building Web 2.0. Therefore she wanted that women should have a role in Web 3.0 and the shift for the third generation of the Internet should be done by the two genders. 

Her husband presented her to the NFT world as she saw it as a great opportunity for representing women in a promising and new technological field. 

Women Rise Collection

Abidi founded the Women Rise collection, which is a collection of 10,000 randomly generated and unique NFT art pieces. 

The collection represents women from around the world and the traits go beyond the diversity of just skin colors. Women activists, artists, scientists, coders, and many others rising to make the world a better place!

Abidi’s View Toward NFT

Abidi believes that the starting point to join the NFT world is Twitter, which offers the best educational content about NFTs. She advises reading digital assets-related articles, published on Twitter before deciding to invest in this massive world. 

She also recommends using the Women Rise platform which offers distinguished educational content for beginners. 

Building 1st School In Metaverse

Regarding her projects in the future, Abidi plans to build the first school in the metaverse for 258 million out-of-school children, including 129 million girls. She has already started this project through an international campaign in which a number of organizations take part to offer education for children in marginalized communities and create a cultural shift in education and technology.

Generally, Abidi sees Web 3.0 and all that is related to NFTs and metaverse as a way to create financial independence on the one hand, and promote human rights on the other.

You can follow Abidi’s official accounts on social media via these links: 

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