November 7, 2022

Marah Zada.. This is how NFTs Could Be Utilized in Favor of Palestinian Cause

Marah Zada

Over the past two years, a large number of Arab artists succeeded in coping with the consecutive technological developments and making use of technologies that the digital space witnesses, including the non-fungible tokens (NFTs). 

Among the significant Arab figures that entered the NFT world is Jordanian artist Marah Zada. In the following lines, we will show how Zada made use of this technology to spread her messages about issues in which she believes. 

Who Is Marah Zada? 

Zada is a Jordanian artist, who graduated from the German Jordanian University with a bachelor’s degree in design and visual communications. She has long experience in graphic design and the media production industry. 

Supporting Humanitarian Issues Through Art

Zada was keen on making use of her artistic talent in expressing her support for issues that she believes in, topped by humanitarian issues. She has presented many works that make people empathize with some marginalized cases and groups.

She targeted to influence the community’s culture by embodying these issues and getting them in front of the people’s eyes. One of her most famous artworks was her graduation project which embodied the depression to raise people’s awareness of this illness.

How Did Zada Make Use of NFTs to Support Palestinian Cause? 

Zada decided to make use of the NFTs to serve the Palestinian cause. She created a group of animated videos, in which she used the watermelon as a symbol of the Palestinian resistance because its colors are similar to the colors of the Palestinian flag.

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Explaining Arab Sayings and Proverbs Through NFTs

Zada utilized the NFTs to explain Arab sayings and proverbs to get people familiarized with them. She launched her NFT collection named “Visualizing Arabic Sayings.” This collection included a number of animated videos, in which many Arab proverbs were explained. 

Through these artworks, she put her touch on the NFT world attractively and simply which impressed many people. 

You can follow Marah Zada’s official accounts on social media via these links: 

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