December 31, 2022

Maruti Suzuki Launches 2nd Metaverse Platform in India

Maruti Suzuki Metaverse

Maruti Suzuki Metaverse

The Indian major car manufacturer, Maruti Suzuki, announced launching its second metaverse platform following the NEXAVerse, which was introduced earlier this year.

Dubbed “ARENAVerse,” the new metaverse platform will let its users immersively interact with their preferable Maruti Suzuki vehicles in a virtual experience for Maruti’s Arena showroom network. The users will digitally interact with sales representatives and select their cars as they need in ARENAVerse.

Maruti Suzuki said its second metaverse platform comes as a part of its keenness to attract new generations of consumers in a captivating retail experience, according to Financial Express.

Users can enter Maruti Suzuki’s new metaverse platform from the ARENAVerse web version using their browsers given that the Indian car maker equipped over 700 Maruti Suzuki ARENA main outlets across India with Virtual Reality (VR) devices for customers to enjoy the new experience.

In this regard, Senior Executive Officer of Marketing & Sales at Maruti Suzuki India Shashank Srivastava said his company is committed to enhancing its metaverse-based experiences to fulfill the needs of new-age customers, pointing out that Maruti Suzuki received more than 10,000 bookings for its car Grand Vitara from the NEXAVerse.

“There is immense potential in the global online ecosystem of metaverse that provides companies with the platform to grow without geographical boundaries and time zones. This presents huge opportunities for us at MSIL [Maruti Suzuki India] to touch our most remote customers by integrating our technological innovation with our vast network across India. We are very excited about what the meta-universe has in store for us and how we navigate through it to bring the best of experiences for our customers,” Srivastava added.

In July, Suzuki Maruti launched its first metaverse platform, NEXAVerse, in which consumers can virtually tour its virtual showrooms under its premium retailing brand Nexa. It is worth noting that Suzuki Maruti is the second Indian automaker to launch metaverse experiences following Mahindra.

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