February 20, 2023

MBC Group Collaborates with VUZ in Metaverse Experience

MBC Group Collaborates with VUZ in Metaverse Experience Featured Image

(From left to right) Fadel Zahreddine, Group Director of Emerging Media at MBC GROUP, and Khaled Zaatarah, Founder of VUZ

Saudi media conglomerate MBC Group teamed up with Social app VUZ, an app that enables users to stream in the metaverse and extended reality, to benefit from MBC Group’s video library.

Through this partnership, VUZ will offer an immersive experience for its users benefitting from MBC Group’s media assets in the region, including satellite TV, radio, social media, and streaming platform Shahid, according to Arab News.

In this regard, Founder of VUZ Khaled Zaatarah said Vuz seeks to bring the best content to its users using the latest media trends of MBC, noting: “Our goal is to provide our users with the most beloved content and the best immersive experiences.”

Meanwhile, Fadel Zahreddine, group director of emerging media at MBC Group, affirmed the necessity of embracing captivating experiences, like the metaverse, whose importance is growing in the region lately, adding “Creating a more realistic and engaging environment allows users to become more deeply involved in — and more connected to — the content they are consuming.”

Moreover, Vuz will debut special social channels for MBC on its platform.

The metaverse is expected to contribute $15 billion to the economies of the Gulf countries by 2030 given that their governments are tapping into the virtual space, according to a study by Strategy&, a management consulting company.

Saudi Arabia topped the GCC countries in terms of metaverse contributions, as it is predicted to account for $7.6 billion by 2030 (more than half of the figure. While the UAE came second with an expected share of $3.3 billion.

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