January 15, 2023

McDonald’s Celebrates Lunar New Year in Metaverse



McDonald’s decided to celebrate the Lunar New Year, which marks January 22 each year, by launching a series of immersive metaverse experiences. 

McDonald’s is teaming up with Karen X Cheng, an award-winning digital creator, to create exciting experiences in the virtual world to let users celebrate the Lunar New Year at their homes. Using virtual reality, augmented reality, and 3D animation, users will explore several virtual activities, including cooking competitions, VR zoos, and classic Chinese games like Weiqi and Mahjong. 

Each user will have his customized 3D avatar, designed by Mcdonald’s, to explore the virtual world with their avatars. Users also can send and share their photos with their friends via in-app messaging, according to NFT Evening.

On its website, McDonald’s said the immersive experience will also feature special events, including a Lunar New Year party on January 25 and an evening with Karen X Cheng on February 2. 

According to Elizabeth Campbell, senior director of cultural engagement strategy at McDonald’s, the fast food chain’s new metaverse platform aims to commemorate the occasion and enhance ties with the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities.

Those who are interested can join Mickey D’s metaverse on its website: https://www.mcdlunarnewyear.com/. 

McDonald’s said it is keen on celebrating important cultural moments like Lunar New Year, Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, Mid-Autumn Festival, and Diwali. 

Karen is known for her whimsical viral videos and collaborations with A-list celebrities, which have amassed over 500 million views. Named Inc’s 30 Under 30 (2018) and Adweek’s Creative 100 (2018), Karen’s eye-grabbing content blends her passion for innovation and personal storytelling.

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