December 14, 2022

Meta Plans to Bring Metaverse for African through Their Smartphones

Meta Plans to Bring Metaverse for African through Their Smartphones Featured Image


Meta eyes to offer metaverse-based services for Africans through their smartphone apps in an attempt to expand the use of the virtual space in the continent.

Meta sees metaverse business in Africa as a great opportunity as it could contribute $40 billion to the continent’s GDP by 2031, according to Quartz. This goal could be only achieved if the metaverse was likely adopted and grow similarly to mobile technology.

However, Meta’s plan in Africa faces some challenges, including the difficulty of understanding what the metaverse is for African users, the high cost of smartphones, and the low speed of interest in African countries in addition to the high prices of the Meta’s VR headsets, which starts from $400.

Therefore, Quartz interviewed Meta’s Vice President of Middle East, Africa, and Turkey Derya Matras to understand the metaverse plan for Africa. Matras said Africa is important to Meta, noting the company would continue its investments in Africa. It is worth mentioning that Meta is spending $50 million in 16 African countries to educate users on VR, AR, and XR.

Similar to what the mobile internet did in Africa, Meta seeks to generate jobs for millions of creators and developers and host hundreds of billions of dollars of digital commerce in the coming decade under the umbrella of the metaverse, Matras underlined, pointing to potential social benefits for the metaverse in Africa, especially in the educational and healthcare sectors.

“We are committed to equipping the XR ecosystem in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) with skills and resources needed to develop for the metaverse, and showcase the future value of the metaverse,” Matras said while answering a question about how Meta would support African innovators, citing the host of #Flexnaija event in Lagos lately.

He also highlighted the importance of keeping the virtual space safe to render it successful through main four core values; privacy, safety and security, equity and inclusion, and economic opportunity, adding that Meta is investing in making the internet faster and more affordable in Africa citing the 2Africa cable project.

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