June 20, 2023

Meta To Lower Age for VR Headsets’ Users from 13 to 10

VR Headsets

VR Headsets

Meta decided to lower the minimum age of its virtual reality headsets from 13 to 10 despite warnings from US lawmakers not to market its VR headsets to teens because their technology could pose risks to the teens’ physical and mental health. 

In a blog post, the company said parents have to set up accounts for their children, who are 10, manage the accounts, and download apps on their VR headsets (Meta’s Quest 2 and Quest 3 headsets) later this year. Preteens will be required to get their parent’s approval for downloading any apps from the app store, CNN reported.

“There’s a vast array of engaging and educational apps, games, and more across our platform, the majority of which are rated for ages 10 and up,” Meta said in the post.

It is worth mentioning that Meta Horizon Worlds is currently a 13+ app in the US and Canada and 18+ in Europe and will not be available to preteens when parent-managed Meta accounts become available later this year. 

Earlier in March, two US lawmakers urged Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg to halt the plan to offer Horizon Worlds, the company’s flagship virtual reality app, to teens whose age range between 13 and 17.

n the call made by two lawmakers Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey and Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal, they said Meta’s plan is unacceptable, pointing to the company’s record of failing to protect children and teens and a growing body of evidence pointing to threats to young users in the metaverse, according to CNN.

In their letter, the two lawmakers raised their concerns over the metaverse’s effects on teens, saying the initial findings are highly concerning, including privacy invasion, collection of data on face and eye movement, and manipulation related to the increased ability to persuade users in an inherently immersive environment. 

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