March 20, 2023

Microsoft Reportedly Working on Launching Web3 Wallet in Edge Browser

Microsoft Reportedly Working on Launching Web3 Wallet in Edge Browser Featured Image

Microsoft is reportedly working on integrating an NFT and crypto-friendly Web3 wallet into its web browser, Edge. 

According to Cointelegraph, Albacore, a software documenter and occasional leaker, shared in a Twitter thread a series of screenshots showing Edge user interface (UI) that included early phases of Microsoft’s new Web3 wallet. 

“Newest in the gauntlet of questionable upcoming Microsoft Edge features, a crypto wallet not really sure how to feel about this kind of thing being baked into the default browser,” Albacore noted. 

The first screenshot is an introductory page to the Edge wallet, which shows a message from Microsoft, saying: “We encourage you to test our first Web3 wallet and provide candid feedback along the journey.” 

For the NFTs, the wallet welcomes its users to browse different marketplaces to find their first NFT. Web3 wallets offer users a secure solution to store and manage their digital assets, in addition to the ability to purchase and trade them on various markets.

As for crypto, the expected wallet seems to be non-custodial, a matter which allows the users to hold their wallet keys to securely manage their digital assets. It will also be embedded in the Edge browser instead of being just a browser extension in addition to having features that interact with decentralized apps. 

Using Microsoft’s web3 wallet, users can buy, send, and swap crypto assets, with crypto exchange Coinbase and Web3 infrastructure firm MoonPay. Albacore said that Microsoft can test new features in the browsers without announcing them publically, however, the web3 wallet is performing successfully. 

People may think that Microsoft is deeply engaging in the Web3 sector, but this is not true as in February, the company decided to close its Industrial Metaverse Core group, one of its most remarkable groups dedicated to the development and promotion of the industrial metaverse.

According to Bitcoin News, the US-based company laid off 100 employees, who were at the group and part of the 10,000 staff layoff rounds announced in January. The team was created in October to generate virtual environments for different industries by bridging software to this initiative.

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