September 29, 2022

Mohamed El Banna and Limitless Ambition in NFTs

Mohamed El Banna

Mohamed El Banna

The Middle East region, especially the United Arab of Emirates, big orientation toward the web3 and everything related to blockchain, metaverse, cryptocurrencies, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Several Emirati entrepreneurs realized the importance of web3 and how it will spark a technological revolution in the coming years. One of these entrepreneurs, who started to invest in the domain, is Mohamed El Banna. 

Who Is Mohamed El Banna? 

Banna, holds a master’s degree in business administration. He is the Senior Advisor to Sheikh Juma Bin Maktoum Al Maktoum and CEO & Managing Director at LEAD Ventures. 

He has a ten-year of experience in real estate portfolio management and took part in construction and entertainment projects. Lately, he joined the fields of blockchain and NFTs. 

How Did Banna Enter NFTs? 

When NFTs started to prevail, Banna was keen to know more about this technology. He decided to establish his NFT project named ‘Crypto Arabs’ in cooperation with Ralf Glabischnig and Adi K Mishra. He saw that this project is a good opportunity for the future, which is expected to be controlled by blockchain technology.

What is Crypto Arabs? 

Crypto Arabs is a collection of 9,999 pieces of unique NFTs artworks, designed in partnership with Arabic cartoon creation; Shaabiat Al Cartoon. This is the first time in the Middle East to turn a TV animation program into NFTs that users can buy and sell. 

Banna chose this program due to its wide popularity in the UAE, believing that it would play a big role in encouraging and satisfying people with this new technology. 

The most prominent feature of this project is that it not only gives the owners of its tokens the opportunity to acquire a digital asset registered on the blockchain, but also gives them the opportunity to learn through an initiative for learning and earning on metaverse, and charitable participation by directing part of the proceeds of sales to charitable causes in addition to communicating with major investors and influencers in this sector.

Mohamed El Banna’s Vision 

Through Crypto Arabs, Banna aims to introduce web3 to users in the Arab countries and other tech-related matters. He wishes to achieve his ambitions as he describes them as limitless like Dubai. 

You can follow Banna’s official accounts on social media via these links:

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