March 21, 2023

Moroccan Digital Content Creator Opens NFT Cafe

Moroccan Digital Content Creator Opens NFT Cafe Featured Image

Moroccan digital content creator Youness Kasmi is the first one who established an NFT cafe that combines famous Moroccan flavors and NFTs. 

Named “Private Foxes,” the NFT cafe, the first of its kind in the world., is located in Turley’s Istanbul. This cafe crowns Kasmi’s efforts exerted over the past ten years in digital content to educate his followers. He started in 2021 to present videos on what he knew about NFTs. 

In a tweet, Kasmi said: “After months of hard work and dedication, I’m happy to share with you the world’s first NFT cafe! I’ve been dreaming of creating a space where people can connect, relax, and innovate. And that’s exactly what we’ve built at @PrivateFoxes cafe. Join us today and see for yourself.” 

By opening this cafe, the Moroccan has a specific vision, which is represented in offering information and knowledge for those who are interested in blockchain and crypto mixed with popular Moroccan food and drinks. 

At his cafe, Kasmi attempted to present new technologies related to Web3, at the same time, he preserved the Moroccan culture and traditions by offering a variety of traditional Moroccan drinks and sweets. He tried to mix the real world with the digital one by offering a type of drink, called “NFT Latte” for coffee enthusiasts, which includes putting an NFT for consumers on their coffee. 

In a short period, the coffee shop succeeded in gaining wide popularity among customers in Istanbul, attracting pioneers from all over the world to try coffee and other drinks integrated with digital assets. 

In addition, he also launched his digital platform to showcase the Moroccan culture in form of NFTs and be an open space for innovators and artists to present their digital artworks. 

He faced many challenges and difficulties, including branding and finding the ideal location for the opening of the café, but Kasmi’s keenness to launch the project was the decisive factor. 

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