December 16, 2022

Nagham Hassan.. One of Most Important Crypto Entrepreneurs in Arab World


Nagham Hassan

Many crypto beginners in the Arab world faced a big dilemma over the past years. The problem is related to the absence of Arab educational channels through which they can know the fundamentals of investing in the crypto industry. 

Hence, crypto experts realized the seriousness of this problem and the importance of providing distinguished Arab content covering aspects of this promising field. Nagham Hassan was among these experts. 

Who Is Nagham Hassan? 

Hassan, a Lebanese content creator, graduated from the Lebanese American University in 2012. The UAE-based content creator joined the crypto world at an early stage and developed her knowledge about it. She launched her Youtube channel titled “Bintcoin” in February 2021. 

What Is Bintcoin? 

Bintcoin is a Youtube channel through which Hassan posts videos about everything related to cryptocurrencies easily and quickly. Also, she gives a brief on her research in crypto for educational and entertainment purposes as she always asserts in her videos that she is not a financial adviser. 

The channel achieved wide popularity among those who are interested in crypto as it gained 15,000 subscribers in a short period. Her videos accomplish high views due to the interesting and attractive way she explains difficult matters about crypto.

What Is The Nature of Nagham Hassan’s Videos? 

Hassan, in her videos, focuses on various cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others by explaining ways to invest in them and reviewing the most significant news and reports about them. 

She always touches on technologies that emerged lately like NFTs, metaverse, blockchain, and others in addition to giving pieces of advice for those who are interested in crypto. 

What Are Nagham Hassan’s Advice for Beginners? 

Hassan is always keen to advise her followers to choose safe and well-trusted exchange platforms like Binance and Coinbase and not to keep digital currencies at exchange platforms and keep them in a digital wallet in anticipation of these platforms being hacked.

She always recommends doing enough studies and research before investing in any cryptocurrency, especially since the crypto market is so unsteady. 

You can follow Nagham Hassan’s official accounts on social media via these links: 

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