October 18, 2022

Narges Moradabadi: Iranian Lady Broke Men’s Domination over Crypto

Narges Moradabadi

Narges Moradabadi

The number of women, who entered the crypto world, has increased along with the growth of the cryptocurrency economy in the Middle East region. Among the women, who were keen to join the crypto world in its early stages, was Narges Moradabadi. 

Who is Narges Moradabadi? 

Moradabadi is an Iranian lady, 35, who graduated from Islamic Azad University with a bachelor’s degree in IT engineering and from the University of Iran with a master’s degree in business administration. 

She worked for several years in the investment field. 

How Did Narges Moradabadi Join The Crypto World? 

Moradabadi started her journey in the crypto world for the first time in 2018 when she became the head of digital marketing at a cryptocurrency firm in Iran. 

In 2021, she realized the importance of expanding cryptocurrency handling in light of the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. She said in more than one interview that what attracted her most to trading in cryptocurrencies is how challenging it is, the excitement it brings, and the flexibility it has.

Offering Digital Content

Given that Moradabadi has considerable expertise in handling cryptocurrencies, she was keen to provide educational content to make her followers familiarized with all that related to the crypto world. 

Through her accounts on social media, she gave many explanations on how to handle cryptocurrencies. Indeed she gained wide popularity, becoming one of the most famous women in the crypto field in the Middle East after men’s domination for long years. 

Golden Pieces of Advice

Moradabadi, through her social media accounts, is keen to give pieces of advice to those who are interested in entering the crypto world. 

She recommends always understanding this field in deep before deciding to invest in it and benefit from previous experiences, in addition to being patient and not taking any decision related to the crypto domain quickly. 

You can follow Moradabadi’s official accounts on social media via these links: 

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