January 4, 2023

Nour Hage… From Fashion Design to NFT World

Nour El Hag

Nour Hage

Due to their several features and opportunities, the NFTs (non-fungible tokens) succeeded in attracting many Arab artists over the past two years. One of the prominent designers who realized the importance of the NFT industry at a very early stage is Lebanese fashion designer Nour Hage. 

Who Is Nour Hage? 

Hage is a Lebanese-British fashion designer, based in London and Dubai. She works in digital art and textile. Her works focus on using textiles in the exploration of identities, culture, history, and storytelling in the Middle East, paying attention to the role of women.

Regarding her digital work, it is based on scans and photographs of physical textiles to create composite works, often in the form of portraits. She received several prizes and took part in renowned galleries around the world. 

Heading for NFTs

Hage expressed her admiration for the NFTs when she listened to them for the first time during a conversation with her friends. And then she started to read about them and became passionate about them as she found that digital collectibles are a new world and completely different.

Hage, in more than one interview, described the NFT industry as the pure air, which unexpectedly attracted her. Hence, she started making use of her passion for textiles to create dazzling digital artworks and turn them into NFTs. 

Hage’s Significant NFTs 

Hage started her NFT career by designing three art pieces from fabric scraps and arranging them to create colorized digital images over animated backgrounds.

The three pieces represented three of the most powerful women in history, who are Egyptian Queen Nefertiti, Dido, the queen of the Phoenician city-state of Carthage, and Zenobia, the queen of the Palmyrene Empire in Syria. The three artworks were sold in a few hours following being offered for auction, a matter which encouraged Hage to exert more effort to create more artworks. 

She benefited from her digital skills by launching her second NFT collection, which includes a set of images for her grandmother using pieces of clothing, which her grandmother gifted to Nage in light of her keenness to document her memories from one generation to another. 

Despite the personal nature of this collection, it has achieved wide popularity among collectors.

Hage’s Vision Toward NFTs 

Hage believes that the NFTs are a world that is full of opportunities and features for the artists as they allow them to keep a stake in their business by giving them the right to receive a percentage of future sales.

She advises her followers to join this world as it is not horrible like some people think but it is so attractive. 

You can follow Nour Hage’s official accounts on social media via these links: 

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