December 9, 2022

Over 90% Curious about Metaverse, Says Survey

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Data collected by a survey by Capgemini, a business and technology strategy advisor, showed that 93% said they are curious about the metaverse.

Capgemini’s survey collected data from 8,000 consumers and 1,000 organizations from 12 countries from various sectors asking them about the metaverse influence, interest, and competency. The surveyed countries are Canada, South Korea, Japan, the United States, France, Australia, Sweden, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Spain.

Out of the 93%, 51% noted that they would use the metaverse when it becomes more accessible to them, according to Coin Telegraph.

Moreover, more than three-quarters of the surveyed consumers predicted that their interactions with brands and individuals would be influenced by the metaverse. In addition to the organizations, seven out of 10 organizations saw that the metaverse would be a market differentiator in terms of customer experience.

According to the study, 43% of respondents said they would like to interact with friends and family, while 39% of them would like to interact with their colleagues, followed by gaming-related experiences (33%) and commercial purposes (28%).

The study showed that only 4% of the 8,000 consumers (380 consumers) were called “metaverse-experienced,” of which three-quarters said they actively participate in the metaverse. Canada, South Korea, and Japan have the highest number of metaverse-experienced consumers. While consumers from Spain, the UK, and the Netherlands show a lower adoption rate.

In this regard, Charlton Monsanto, the global immersive experiences offer leader at Capgemini, pointed out the “consumer-facing metaverse” needs to deal with challenges related to privacy and accessibility to move forward, saying: “The potential of the metaverse is transformative and consumer curiosity remains high.”

The survey highlighted some key concerns related to the metaverse, including concerns about sexual harassment among women users in the metaverse, mental health concerns, especially the fear of metaverse addiction, and isolation from the real world. The respondents also pointed to the interoperability between different metaverse platforms and integration between the virtual and real worlds.

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