April 6, 2023

Papa Johns Launches NFTs in OneRare Foodverse

Papa Johns Launches NFTs in OneRare Foodverse Featured Image

Papa Johns, a well-known pizza brand, announced launching NFTs for the first time in the metaverse through OneRare Foodverse.

Papa Johns teamed up with OneRare, the world’s first food metaverse, to launch a set of NFT pizzas, marking the famous pizza brand’s entry into the Web3 world through the technologies of metaverse and NFTs with the aim to cope with the latest technologies and attract the next generation of shoppers.

Papa Johns’ NFTs will consist of its top three most popular pizzas, which are Spicy Chicken Ranch Pizza, Super Papa’s Pizza, and Vegan Cheese Garden Special Pizza, which are primarily available in the Middle East, specifically the UAE, according to the Geekmetaverse website.

In this regard, Papa Johns CEO in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan Tapan Vaidya said he is enthusiastic about the collaboration with OneRare, noting: “We are committed to staying ahead of the curve and exploring innovative technologies like NFTs and Web3.0. This not only positions our brand at the forefront of the industry but also helps us capture the attention and loyalty of the next generation of consumers, who are eager for cutting-edge experiences.”

“This partnership between Papa Johns and OneRare opens up exciting possibilities for the future of food and how consumers engage with it,” Vaidya added.

Meanwhile, OneRare founder Supreet Raju pointed out that the holders of these NFTs would enjoy perks in the future, wishing that these NFTs could be swapped for real meals at restaurants one day.

Raju also said that this collaboration redefines OneRare’s view toward food, mentioning that digital food may seem futuristic. He also noted that the future of dining is being transformed through the integration of blockchain technology and NFTs into the food and beverage industry.

In OneRare, visitors are allowed to enjoy captivating virtual restaurant experiences, play food-themed NFT games, and swap NFTs for real meals.

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