December 2, 2022

Porsche Launches NFTs for 911, BMW Plans To Join Metaverse

Porsche NFT

Porsche NFT

German sports luxury car manufacturer Porsche solidifies its presence in the Web 3.0 arena by launching an NFT collection revolving around the famous Porsche 911 model.

The NFT collection, designed by designer and 3D artist Patrick Vogel, will consist of 7,500 unique digital collector’s items. They are set to be available in January 2023. Users can register in advance on an Allowlist. Each user can purchase only three NFTs at most, the German manufacturer said in a statement. 

The company hinted at the project at the Art Basel conference in Miami on November 30. Porsche’s move comes within a framework of its keenness to strengthen its position as an iconic brand and transfer the immersive appeal of its sports cars to desirable gems in the digital world. 

It said in a statement: “Digital art is just one aspect of Porsche’s Web3 strategy. The sports car manufacturer is working to integrate the potential of blockchain technology into existing and future processes and solutions. ” 

BMW’s Accession To Metaverse

German sports car manufacturer BMW applied to trademark its logo for a group of WEB 3.0 products and services, United States Patent and Trademark Office’s licensed trademark attorney Mike Kondoudis was quoted by Coin Telegraph as saying. 

According to the application, BMW intends to use its logo on collectibles like virtual vehicles, clothing, headwear, and footwear, with plans for downloadable virtual goods such as online environments and games.

Fiat Enters The Metaverse

Italian car manufacturer FIAT launched an interactive showroom in the metaverse, called FIAT Metaverse Store. Launched in Italy, the FIAT Metaverse Store has a real FIAT expert – FIAT Product Genius – ready to answer any question.

Customers inside the metaverse-powered showroom can discover and purchase their dream FIAT from their homes. By 2023, FIAT will add a variety of models in the metaverse store and the store will be launched in other countries. 

The FIAT Metaverse Store is user-friendly and simple to use. It has been developed in collaboration with Touchcast and Microsoft and does not require a virtual reality (VR) headset or expensive hardware.

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