January 23, 2024

Porsche Teams up with Meta To Leverage Metaverse Potential



Porsche has recently collaborated with Meta, an XR giant, to create immersive presentations for their upcoming vehicles using Meta’s Quest 3 MR headsets.

The objective is to showcase the business value of emerging Metaverse services. They are using these headsets to create a new method of collaboration and outreach for the automotive industry, from event presentations to engineering walkthroughs.

The conventional automotive collaboration and outreach processes often involve countless PowerPoint slides, which is a status quo ripe for being challenged.

While Microsoft, Apple, and others are working to improve conventional digital presentation methods with spatial computing variants of productivity applications, a more innovative approach is welcome. Meta is looking to leverage fully enterprise-ready immersive, shared VR environments to promote its Metaverse vision.

Porsche aims to allow multiple attendees to move around and interact with a shared VR environment during new and upcoming product showcases with its Meta partnership.

Moreover, the firm claims that its move towards MR showcases a stride towards demonstrating Metaverse use cases.

An engineer speaking on behalf of Porsche added: “Already, presenting in this way feels like it has become second nature. The storyline of the content works like a traditional presentation. You have your notes on a virtual billboard that only the host can see, and you click through life-sized, immersive 3D animations that are free from the confines of a screen – you’re standing within the presentation, surrounded by it.”

The metaverse is currently facing a lot of challenges and obstacles. Last year was particularly difficult, and the metaverse is still struggling to recover. However, partnerships with companies like Porsche can potentially provide some valuable use cases for the metaverse as it takes its initial steps forward.

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