September 18, 2023

PUBG Creator Reveals NFT-based Game Equipped with AI Tools

PUBG game

PUBG game

Krafton, a well-known South Korean game studio popular for its battle royale game PUBG, has recently announced its plans to venture into NFT-based metaverse games.

The project, previously called “Project Migaloo,” has been officially named “Overdare.” Krafton aims to soft-launch Overdare in December and release it fully between January and July 2024.

Krafton has developed a blockchain specifically for this game called Settlus. Overdare is expected to be a mobile game platform that resembles Roblox, powered by Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5.

This platform allows creators to use generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools to develop various game genres, such as shooters, role-playing games (RPGs), and action RPGs.

Overdare not only offers game development but also a social aspect. Users can create custom avatars and engage in virtual conversations. The teaser trailer showcases an expansive open-world platform where users can design games and environments, attend virtual concerts, and personalize their avatars.

Initially, Krafton revealed this project as collaborating with Naver Z, an augmented reality (AR) tech company. However, Krafton retains an 85% stake in Overdare, with Naver Z holding the remaining 15%. One of Overdare’s unique features is its “create-to-earn” game economy, where players can buy and sell in-game digital assets as NFTs. Krafton and Naver Z utilize the Settlus blockchain to ensure transparency and secure transactions in Overdare’s in-game economy.

The developers of PUBG have announced the launch of the Settlus blockchain, based on Cosmos, for USDC settlements. Krafton and Naver Z are utilizing this blockchain to power the economy of their game, Overdare, allowing gamers to earn funds in the form of Coinbase and Circle’s U.S. dollar-backed stablecoin, USDC.

Settlus was first announced last week during Korea Blockchain Week. Krafton called Settlus “the future of the creator economy” on its Twitter account. The company plans to introduce an NFT licensing system but has not provided details on what this will involve. Additionally, Krafton addresses potential issues with Overdare’s planned NFT economy, such as item scarcity, offering optional NFTs, and finding solutions for volatile token prices that can negatively impact gamers and creators.

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