February 21, 2023

Race Kingdom Releases 2nd Batch of NFTs

Race Kingdom Releases 2nd Batch of NFTs Featured Image

Race Kingdom

Race Kingdom, a racing gaming platform based in the metaverse, announced the release of the second batch of its camel NFTs, ZyCrypto reported.

Founded by Dubai-based blockchain entrepreneur Omar Gull, the second batch of Race Kingdom NFTs consists of 999 digital collectibles with numerous characteristics and features, including genetic profiles and 3D visuals that will be helpful during breeding and game races.

The new NFTs mix four genera and four rarities from the performance attribute they fall under within the game. Owners of camel NFTs will benefit from them during the gaming experience such as participating in racing championships, access to game rewards, breeding, sweepstakes, and renting opportunities.

The camel NFTs will be available for the users on OpenSea on March 2. The floor price of these NFTs in the primary market will access users for owning a mystery box, which contains an ultra-rare camel with the highest values from the four performance attributes.

Commenting on the new NFTs, Gull said Race Kingdom managed to launch its native token, $ATOZ, and camel NFTs, which represent two key milestones on their roadmap, pointing out Race Kingdom is set to roll out its alpha gameplay in the first quarter of 2023.

Gull noted: “We are thrilled to offer fans and collectors the chance to own a piece of the exciting world of Race Kingdom. We have accomplished the two key milestones per our roadmap – the launch of a native token, $ATOZ, and now the launch of camel NFTs. We look forward to rolling out the alpha gameplay this quarter. Our tech team has been working hard developing the game and different race tracks. I believe blockchain gaming has a huge potential and will play a tremendous role in wider web3 and crypto adoption.”

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