October 19, 2022

Ragheb Alama, Saad Lamjarred To Perform 1st Concert in Metaverse

Ragheb Alama

Ragheb Alama

Arab music stars Ragheb Alama and Saad Lamjarred will perform their concert together on Thursday but not in the real life. The concert is in the metaverse for the first time in the Arab world.

Under the umbrella of Concerts of the Future – A Step into the Metaverse, Alama, and Lamjarred will perform in front of a global audience as avatars.

Also, composer Michel Fadel will be at this futuristic concert, which is being presented by MetaBoundless Company.

In this event, MetaBoundless collaborated with the Algorand Foundation to create NFTs which will be digital tickets for the concertgoers. Each concertgoer will be rewarded by MetaBoundless with an NFT of his favorite pop star.

Both superstars expressed their excitement for joining the virtual world, saying they will perform their old and new hits in cooperation with Fadel in this futuristic show.

Alama said: “We partnered with them as they were the first to initiate such a futuristic project. The team’s long-term vision is incredible, and the approach makes the process intuitive to users. Throughout my 40-year career, I have always been open to new ideas, and I am excited to step into the metaverse with Concerts of the Future.”

Meanwhile, Lamjarred noted he looks forward to the fans watching him and seeing his unique digital avatar in the Concerts of the Future.

In this regard, Head of Web3 at the Algorand Foundation Shamir Ozery said the concert is a great opportunity for music fans to experience something new and immersive beyond the crypto world.

The show will be streamed live on www.metaboundless.io on Thursday at 11 pm (Gulf Standard Time). Concertgoers are not required to use any special device or VR goggles to watch.

MetaBoundless is a company that aims to foster entertainment, sports, and media with the people. It serves as a Web3.0 bridge between creators and fans to connect with each other.

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