March 15, 2023

Raya Oklah Seeks To Empower Women in Web3 World

Raya Oklah

Over the past months, the NFTs scene saw the emergence of several Arab artists. Among these artists is Raya Oklah, whose story will be reviewed in the following lines. 

Who Is Raya Oklah? 

Born in the Jordanian capital of Amman, Oklah, 29, is a UI/UX designer representing a large group of girls in the Arab world who want to prove themselves in all fields, especially those related to innovation and creativity. She found that the NFT world is a good arena to empower Arab women and achieve gender equality. 

How Did Oklah Enter The NFT World?

Oklah entered the world of non-fungible tokens at a very early age to empower Arab women in light of their wonderful capabilities and capabilities. Following hearing about them, she began researching and reading extensively about them as she found them huge potential and opportunities. 

Therefore she decided to quit her job and pay her full attention to the NFTs. 

Creating and Releasing Beyond Power Collection

In December 2022, Oklah released her NFT group dubbed “Beyond Power” in cooperation with professional designers. This collection consists of hundreds of images of female figures from multiple cultures and backgrounds. 

And to highlight the diversity, these female characters wear sunglasses with words expressing empowerment, such as strong, capable, and others.

The collection’s main purpose is to make women believe that they are capable of bringing about change in this new revolutionary space and equalise opportunities for women in the Web3. 

What Is Oklah’s Goal? 

In light of her keenness to achieve gender equality in the Web3 world, Oklah believes that the Web 2 or the Internet as we know is full of gender differences due to its centralized nature, which makes the majority of its decisions come from male-dominated authorities, unlike Web 3 which is different, due to its decentralized nature, which will allow women to set their own rules.

In a nutshell, Oklah thinks that the Web 3 world and its related technologies, such as NFTs, is a space in which women can shape themselves and get equal opportunities.

You can follow Raya Oklah’s official accounts on social media via these links:

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