August 14, 2023

Redditors Minted 20 Million NFTs as Avatars on Polygon

Reddit NFTs

Reddit NFTs

The NFT project for Reddit’s Collectible Avatars has gained significant traction within the crypto community and surpassed expectations by achieving remarkable milestones. The minting of these NFTs has crossed an impressive threshold, with over 20 million units now available.

On the popular social media site, unique avatars in the form of digital tokens have gained massive attention from collectors and enthusiasts. The project has been successful, evident from the cumulative sales transaction volume, which has surpassed an impressive $40 million. This significant number emphasizes the high demand for Reddit Avatars in the NFT market.

It is worth noting that Reddit Avatars have gained a large following, with more than 16.3 million people holding them. This widespread adoption among the community demonstrates the project’s popularity and broad appeal.

Reddit recently launched its Generation 4 Avatars on July 27 to improve the user experience and keep innovating. This update has made the platform even more attractive and is predicted to further boost its already impressive sales performance.

The latest version of Reddit Avatars, now in its third generation, has performed exceptionally well, with sales transactions exceeding $3.4 million. This NFT project has been gaining popularity among enthusiasts and investors, highlighting the changing world of digital collectibles and the increasing demand for unique and valuable virtual assets.

It is worth mentioning that by the end of May, more than a million users have Reddit NFTs on Polygon. Currently, the market capitalization of Reddit NFTs is $38,795,505, with a volume of oversells hitting $40,551,669 with 20,323,749 collectible avatars.

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