December 22, 2022

Retired Arab.. Ascendant NFT Project Embodies Arab Character

Retired Arabs

Retired Arabs

Over the past two years, the crypto scene saw several NFT projects which embodied many world’s peoples. The Middle East region was not isolated from these projects as it witnessed the launch of the Retired Arab NFT collection, which we will go into it in detail in the following lines. 

What Is Retired Arab? 

It is an NFT collection that includes 100 unique digital collectibles. Launched in March 2022, Each NFT is based on an imaginative character of an Arab person sitting and enjoying his coffee. Each NFT comes with a video enabling its owner to see his character from all angles. 

Although the NFTs look similar in facial features, and way of sitting and drinking coffee, each one differs in terms of the costumes they wear, as well as the collectibles they have. 

Who Is The Founder of Retired Arab? 

The founder of this NFT collection is Ahmed Al-Refaie, a Kuwaiti illustrator and graphic designer. Refaie succeeded in becoming one of the most famous artists in the Arab world in a very short time due to his artworks inspired by the Middle East’s culture and traditions in a contemporary way.  

His artworks are based on using vibrant colors and simplistic shapes to create abstract displays of culture and characters inspired by the Arab region.

He managed to achieve wide popularity in the NFT world after joining it in December 2021. He draw a digital painting and sold it in a short period. He released his first NFT project under the title of “Badr and Aya”, who are two fictional characters inspired by the Middle East. Then he launched the Retired Arab collection. 

Features of The Retired Arab: 

There are main features that are visible in all characters of the NFT collection: 

  • Wearing the Arab headscarf 
  • Having a mustache
  • Drinking Arab coffee 
  • A big belly, which is known in the Arab culture as “Kersh” 
  • Sitting on the floor with one knee raised and supported by one hand

What Are The Retired Arab’s Advantages? 

Like any NFT community, owners of Retired Arab’s NFTs enjoy obtaining a registered digital asset on the blockchain. Any NFT owner will get a high-quality print of the character whose length is 13 cm in addition to exclusive discounts on clothing brands of this collection, which will be launched soon.

Roadmap of the Retired Arab 

The Retired Arab collection is currently under development as 50 digital collectibles launched in March this year, while 50 others are expected to be released within the few coming months. After releasing the full collection. Refaie plans to turn the Retired Arab into a large trademark by 2023. 

You can follow the Retired Arab’s official accounts on social media via these links:

You can follow Ahmed Al-Refaie’s official accounts on social media via these links: 

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