November 1, 2022

Sales of Top 5 NFT Marketplaces Surpass 40 Dollars Bln in October

NFT Marketplaces

NFT Marketplaces

The all-time sales of NFTs on the top five marketplaces exceeded the $40 billion mark since the beginning of the year, hitting about $41.3 by the end of October.

According to figures released by Dappradar, Opensea was the biggest NFT marketplace in the terms of sales, recording $32.78 billion, dominating almost 79% of the whole sales of the top five marketplaces.

Bitcoin News reported that Opensea’s sales were conducted by 2.35 million traders with an average price paid for an NFT of around $352.

Opensea was followed by the Axie Marketplace, whose volume of sales reached $4.26 billion. The average price paid for an NFT via Axie Marketplace is $171.32 as the marketplace saw 2.17 million traders.

CryptoPunks came in third place with all-time sales amounting to $2.96 billion settled by only 7,162 traders. While sales on Solana’s Magic Eden recorded $1.83 billion, making it in fourth place with an average price for an NFT of $124.09. However, it witnessed a high number of traders compared to CryptoPunks, reaching 1.214 million.

The fifth place was occupied by the NFT marketplace Looksrare as the volume of sales hit $1.62 billion. The average price paid for an NFT was $6.59K. Only 108,005 traders settled via Looksrare.

X2Y2 marketplace, for its part, is on its way toward the $1 billion milestone by achieving $895.1 million in terms of sales.

The global NFT sales in October recorded $428.8 million with a decline of 20.61% compared to September. October witnessed 4,366,220 NFT transactions among 510,859 buyers, according to Cryptoslam io platform.

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