October 15, 2022

Salwa Radwi: Saudi Entrepreneur Returned Favor to Creators through NFTs

Salwa Radwi

Salwa Radwi

Over the past months, the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) succeeded in attracting leading figures in the Arab world. One of these figures is Salwa Radwi of Saudi Arabia. 

Who Is Salwa Radwi? 

Radwi, 26, is one of the most famous entrepreneurs in Saudi Arabia in the field of NFTs. She was the youngest Saudi artist whose photographs are displayed in the British Museum. She participated in this museum in 2012 when she was sixteen years old.

How Did She Enter NFT World? 

Unlike most of the famous figures in the NFT world, who entered it for their interest in cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and Web 3.0, Radwi joined the NFT world for her interest in art and innovation and her belief in the creative economy. 

She realized the importance of empowering talents and content creators along with maintaining the intellectual property rights of their work, especially since Saudi Arabia became prominent in the content industry.

She did not find any way to achieve this except for the NFT as a perfect way to maintain the innovators’ rights and find new markets for their works far away from the exploitation of mediators. 

Establishment of Nuqtah Platform 

Radwi founded Nuqtah platform for NFTs in mid-2021 to bridge the gap between the innovative community and the world’s cutting-edge technology. 

Nuqtah gives the opportunity for local artists to turn their artworks into NFTs and market them along with maintaining their intellectual property rights. 

Radwi’s Goals in NFT World

Radwi says her main goal in establishing Nuqtah is to return the favor to the creative community. She believes that the artists and their artworks had been exploited by the mediators before the emergence of the NFTs. 

Hence, she realized the necessity of protecting the artists and their artworks through the NFTs to validate artworks and market them to a new audience in addition to preserving traditional art forever. 

You can follow Radwi’s official accounts on social media via these links: 

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