November 7, 2022

Saudi Al-Ula’s Tomb of Lihyan to Be Recreated in Metaverse

Tomb of Lihyan in Al-Ula

Tomb of Lihyan in Al-Ula

Hegra’s Tomb of Lihyan in Al-Ula in Saudi Arabia is now recreated in the metaverse, the Royal Commission for Al-Ula (RCU) announced.

RCU said tourists can visit and enter the Hegra, a matter which tourists in the real world cannot do, in addition to getting detailed information about the Saudi destination, dating back to the first century BCE, by interacting with virtual touchpoints, according to the National Newspaper.

Rendered on Decentraland, an Ethereum-based 3 Dimensional virtual platform, this is the first project in Al-Ula to enter the metaverse and the first UNESCO World Heritage site also.

In this regard, RCU Chief Executive Amr AlMadani said the move represents an open invitation for digital explorers, travelers, and academics to tour Al-Ula like never before, an amazing turning point in the Al-Ula unique heritage history.

Madani described Al-Ula’s accession to the metaverse as an important step, which will contribute to its regeneration, saying: “moving from the physical to the digital realm and accessible to everyone, everywhere.”

Tomb of Lihyan, son of Kuza, also known as Qasr Al Farid or “The Lonely Castle”, is a well-known and iconic tomb in Mada’in Salih, Hegra in Saudi Arabia.

The structure is said to have been erected in the 1st century CE and is unmatched when it comes to ancient design and architecture. Moreover, It was also the first Saudi site to be declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Frog, a leading global creative consultancy firm, will help RCU in launching Hegra in the metaverse.

It is worth mentioning that iconic Arab landmarks, especially in the Gulf region, announced their debut in the metaverse over the past months, topped by Abu Dhabi’s Yas Island and Dubai’s Burj Khalifa. They are intending to introduce a new type of tourism based on the digital space and present an immersive experience for all visitors from any place in the world.

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