February 21, 2023

Saudi Arabia Enables AlUla Visitors to Ride Air Balloon in Metaverse

Saudi Arabia Enables AlUla Visitors to Ride Air Balloon in Metaverse Featured Image


The Royal Commission for AlUla called on metaverse users to visit the Tomb of Lihyan in the virtual world, which is considered the first Saudi site listed on the World Heritage Site.

Visitors, through their avatars, can enjoy an air balloon experience in the metaverse in the historical site as their tour will include an eye view of a 3D model of the tomb and the desert in the virtual space in a step to promote an immersive experience in virtual tourism, according to Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

The royal commission will offer wearable NFTs to a limited number of balloon riders through which they could be used for unlocking metaverse experiences in the future.

Ahmed Daoud, the royal commission’s acting executive director of innovation, said the commission’s entry into the metaverse world is a first step of a journey in which the commission needs to reveal new worlds, pointing out that the commission seeks to bolster AlUla’s ties with the new geeks around the world.

Commenting on the virtual balloon experience, Daoud noted: “The balloon tourism experience in the metaverse allows for viewing the tomb in new dimensions, giving digital explorers exceptional access to one of the most important attractions in the world, in ways that exceed what is possible in real life.”

The new Saudi virtual experience is a result of the royal commission’s collaboration with global creative consultancy Frog Design. It is now available on Decentraland as users can start their tour and explore Hegra in the metaverse via this link: https://play.decentraland.org.

In November 2022, the royal commission announced the recreation of the Tomb of Lihyan in the metaverse, bringing a UNESCO World Heritage Site for the first time into the virtual world.

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