March 9, 2023

Saudi FalconViz Launches 1st Metaverse Lab

Saudi FalconViz Launches 1st Metaverse Lab Featured Image

FalconViz, a pioneering Saudi asset digitization company, announced the launch of the first metaverse lab in Saudi Arabia.

The announcement was made during the BIM & Digital Twins Conference and Expo 2023, held in Riyadh.

FalconViz considers the metaverse as a 3D real-time social medium in which people can create and engage in shared experiences across many modalities of converged digital and real worlds.

In this regard, FalconViz’s Chief Information Officer Neil Smith said: “At the heart of this is digital twins, which we have been creating using drones and high-definition laser scanning for years. Digital twinning is an industry that is projected to reach over $125 billion by 2030. Now, however, within the metaverse, we can finally allow stakeholders to view their critical assets as they are in real life enabling an embodied immersive experience. It also allows stakeholders to simulate spaces, objects, and processes.”

FalconViz will deploy the metaverse to view data as placeable AR models, which enable it to use critical information captured in structural reports, including cracks and damage to a building. The company will immediately go to those locations to test the area in the metaverse, gain a spatial awareness of the surroundings, and determine the procedures which should be taken to start an immediate repair.

It is not the first time Saudi Arabia hosted an event related to the metaverse. Earlier, the Saudi capital of Riyadh hosted LEAP 2023 from February 6 to 9 with the participation of dozens of experts, government officials, and representatives of companies who discussed the latest developments in virtual reality, fintech, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and smart cities.

The event saw inking agreements between Saudi and global tech companies on developing metaverse technologies.

LEAP23 announced a series of total investments worth $580 million to promote Saudi Arabia’s digital transformation in various fields.

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