January 19, 2023

Saudi Minister: I’m Big Advocate of Metaverse



Saudi Communications Minister Abdullah Alswaha said Saudi Arabia eyes achieving more progress in the industrial metaverse, such as the healthcare sector.

Alswaha’s remarks came during his participation in a World Economic Forum panel in Davos on tackling the impacts of the next era of the internet on the metaverse, Al Arabiya reported on Thursday.

“We’re doubling down on talent and technology in the industrial metaverse,” the minister said during the panel, adding: “I’m a big advocate of the metaverse.” The Saudi minister also noted that the metaverse would be the next wave of technology, which will bring an adding value to industries.

The Kingdom is currently deploying the metaverse in developing its futuristic city NEOM and NEOM Tech & Digital Company subsidiary, Tonomus, which has invested $1 billion in products, including a digital twin metaverse.

The Saudi minister further said Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman had asked for a digital twin for the NEOM and the Red Sea Project ahead of the start of development.

During this edition of WEF, Saudi Arabia showed its interest in investing in the Global Collaboration Village, the purpose-driven metaverse launched by WEF.

During a meeting between a high-level Saudi delegation and WEF senior officials, the Kingdom announced that it plans to build a virtual house in the village to be a bridge of communication between different national stakeholders and international institutions for luring investments. Aramco, the pioneering energy producer, will be the first Saudi entity to establish a house in the WEF’s village.

It is worth mentioning that WEF had established the village where organizations and companies around the world can convene to address and create solutions for the world’s top challenges with the help of 80 pioneering organizations to create the first-ever interactive and multilateral session in the metaverse.

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