June 20, 2023

Saudi Tuwaiq Academy Opens Door for Registration for Metaverse Academy

Metaverse Academy

Metaverse Academy

The Tuwaiq Academy of Saudi Arabia announced opening the door for registration for its camps, called Metaverse Academy, in collaboration with Meta Platforms. 

The Saudi Academy opened the door for official registration on June 18. The duration of the camp is expected to last for nine months. 

The Saudi capital of Riyadh will host the activities of the camp, which is considered the latest academic camp launched by the academy, after it had previously done the same with a number of large companies, including the Amazon Academy, the Baba Academy of the Alibaba e-commerce platform, the Apple Academy.

The educational tracks that will be provided by the camp include three basic tracks. The first track tackles the concept of a metaverse in the Saudi capital. This track is predicted to be for one day. While, the second track is about the skills of metaverse techniques, and will last for four weeks. 

The third track addresses developing the use of metaverse technology, which is the main course of the camp, which lasts for nine months. Through these paths, the academy seeks to achieve specific goals behind these paths.

Among these goals is defining what metaverse is, in a comprehensive and abundant way, through which students learn about everything related to this technology, ways to benefit from it, and its potential contributions in various fields. The academy also seeks to qualify cadres in the field of virtual reality technologies to be capable of building metaverse-related applications.

A study by Strategy& said that Saudi Arabia is predicted to top the GCC countries in terms of metaverse contributions, as it is predicted to account for $7.6 billion by 2030.

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