July 11, 2023

Sega Collaborates with Line Next To Develop Web3 Game for Game Dosi

Sega & Line Next

Sega & Line Next

Sega, a well-known video game company, signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Line Next, a mobile messaging firm Line division, to develop a Web3 game for the blockchain gaming platform Game Dosi.

Under the MoU, Line Next will utilize one of SEGA’s immensely popular game IPs and develop it into a Web3 game. Through this collaboration, Line Next will display the new title GAME DOSI and support NFT production, digital payments, and marketing activities. This partnership comes as a part of Line Next’s plan to popularize Web3 gaming, Line Next said in a press release.

In this regard, CEO of Line Next Youngsu Ko said: “LINE NEXT is pleased to be teaming up with SEGA to bring some exciting gaming to the Web3 space for gamers around the world. Through this partnership, GAME DOSI will provide Web3 content that anyone can easily enjoy, including SEGA fans.”

Launched in May, GAME DOSI is a Web3 projects gaming platform that provides user- and game-centered services under the slogan “Gamer First, Web3 Next.”

It is worth mentioning that Sega has stepped back from developing NFT projects for its Sonic The Hedgehog and Yakuza franchises, however, it collaborated with third parties like Line Next to embrace the Web3 industry. Sega’s decision to withdraw comes in terms of crimes, rug pulls, and scams increasingly happening in the crypto world and it wants to avoid any harm that could affect its beloved games and characters.

According to data gathered from Google Trends, which focuses on the relative interest in terminology relating to Web3 games, the report found that the UAE is one of the most important distinct markets in the Web3 industry, along with China and Vietnam, which witnessed a decline.

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