April 5, 2023

Shanghai Film Festival To Launch Metaverse Roadshow Center

Shanghai Film Festival To Launch Metaverse Roadshow Center Featured Image

The Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF), which is expected to be held in June, will open a metaverse roadshow center, Xinhua news agency reported

During the 25th edition of SIFF and the 28th Shanghai TV Festival, the Metaverse Roadshow Center, named Metafilm, will include virtual film and television activities. 

Users will have an immersive experience in taking part in the festival. When they download the Metafilm app, they, using their avatars, can select their preferable roles like directors or actors, or screenwriters in addition to walking on the red carpet and interacting with virtual digital figures. 

Moreover, users can enjoy high-quality film and television poster exhibitions and browse updated news about the two festivals. 

The metaverse-based film festival is created by Shanghai International Film and Television Festival Center, Shanghai Cultural Assets and Equity Exchange, and China Data Chain (Shanghai) Cultural Development Co., Ltd.

Earlier, a report published by Globaldata, a data analytics company, expected that China would top the world’s countries in the metaverse industry this year. 

Globaldata’s prediction is based on the development of other technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and 6G, which are combined essential for making China a global metaverse hub.  

“The growing emphasis on VR, AR, AI, and 6G aims to overtake advances in the West and position China as a global hub for the metaverse,” the report said. 

Globaldata mentioned signs indicating that China would continue to invest in VR and AI with the aim to promote the economic development of the nation. Several Chinese provinces and cities have already presented plans to become metaverse tech hubs, including Shanghai and Zhejiang.

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