January 19, 2023

Shanghai to Bring 20 Urban Locations in Metaverse



Shanghai, China, intends to bring 20 urban sports to the metaverse with the aim to provide smarter public services for its residents.

The Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization announced a pilot program to turn 20 different urban spots into major metaverse application scenarios that will provide digital tech in different ways. The metaverse venues will cover various sectors, including business, entertainment, education, operations, and branding.

Through these locations, the city aims to provide more intelligent services in the virtual world. Hospitals are equipped with a metaverse diagnostic system that will allow doctors to examine patients using 3D scanning equipment like the Shanghai Eye and ENT Hospital.

Also, tourist landmarks were added to the metaverse, including the Oriental Pearl Tower where visitors can fly over the commercial area of Shanghai via a VR-enabled application.

Guo Yifeng, the general manager of Shanghai Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower Co. told the Global Times: “We hope these new [metaverse] projects can enrich people’s visiting experience and make our online marketing more accessible and interesting.”

Yifeng expected that the metaverse would expand to include more activities like education in the coming years.

The Shanghai commission also added an online market where customers can buy digital products using the digital yuan, China’s CBDC.

Shanghai is not the first Asian city to offer public services in the metaverse. Days ago, the Seoul Metropolitan Government announced the launch of its public metaverse platform, named “Metaverse Seoul,” the platform allows users to file public documents, tour tourist destinations in Seoul, ask for advice for starting a business and seek help with taxes in addition to playing games.

The government pointed out that the second and third phases will be launched in the coming three years, which are expected to include services in Chinese and Japanese.

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