October 2, 2022

Sharifa AlBarami: How Did Omani Prominent Female Enter NFT World?

Sharifa AlBarami

Sharifa AlBarami

Several famous Arab figures realized the importance of investing in non-fungible tokens (NFTs) after their wide popularity. One of the most prominent Arab figures that early realized the importance of NFTs is Sharifa AlBarami. 

Who Is Sharifa AlBarami? 

Barami is an entrepreneur and one of the most successful women figures in Oman. She got a bachelor’s degree with honors in biomedical sciences from the University of Portsmouth, the United Kingdom. She is also a graduate of the IMD School of Commerce and the Lee Kuan Yew School of Political Science. She was an associate at the Association of Certified Small Business Consultants (AASBC) in the United States. 

Barami has assumed several important posts, including the cofounder and executive director of technology at MarkeetEx and the founder and CEO of the BizHub Entrepreneurship Foundation, which works as an incubator program for the Omani market. 

She was the managing director of the Oman Tech Fund (OTF) and a unit head of the Laboratories Quality Assurance at the Omani Health Ministry.

Now, she is a member of the board of directors of Awasr, the broadband internet service provider in Oman, and an alumni board member of the Royal Academy of Management. 

Barami was not satisfied with working in the field of health and technology, she entered the media field and presented a large number of programs through which she provided Arab content that aims to raise awareness about cryptocurrencies, NFTs, metaverse, and web3. 

Sharifa AlBarami and NFTs

As previously mentioned, Barami entered the field of NFTs, very early on, when the technology was still in its beginning. This came in light of her conviction in this technology on the one hand and her keenness to support the art and business sector on the other hand.

She thought that although artists and innovators showcase valuable artworks, they do not get what they deserve because most of the money goes to brokers who market these artworks. 

Hence, Barami decided to join the NFT world

How Was The Beginning? 

Barami started to purchase NFTs of artists whose artworks she loved. She saw that their works should be fully appreciated regarding their prices without the interference of any intermediaries who share in the returns they get. She believed that destabilizes the revenue model of the art sector. 

After that, she decided to join several NFT projects like World of Women after believing in its idea, message, and team. She also joined the Emirati project of CryptoArabs NFT, describing it as one of the most famous NFT projects in the Arab world. 

Barami says she is always keen to join projects that give a real message, and she wants to be part of her communities.

Barami’s Advice

She advises her followers to believe in the NFTs’ importance, expecting they would turn into an integrated economy in the coming years. She recommends those who want to invest in the NFTs to be patient, recalling her quote: “Patience is the game of investment.”

She believes in not paying attention to any profit in the first phase in the case of investing but rather the ability of this project to make an impact on society because if it succeeds in making an effect, it will create a great value for itself. Therefore this will reflect positively on the profitability return.

You can follow Barami’s official accounts on social media via these links:

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