October 15, 2022

Sharjah Launches Virtual Transaction Center- Metaverse at GITEX

Sharjah Government

Sharjah Government

The Government of Sharjah launched a ground-breaking platform called “Virtual Transaction Center – Metaverse” at Gitex Global, held at the Dubai World Trade Center.

Under the slogan of Together, Integrating People And Technology, the project, led by the Sharjah Department of Town Planning and Survey (SDTPS), targets to upgrade the SDTPS’ functions and improve the quality of life for its customers.

All eligible users have access to the Virtual Transaction Center- Metaverse, which includes five main sections. The first two sections consist of a detailed explanation of services, backed by audio and videos, including a map of Sharjah.

The third section offers promotive visual assets that explain the major services and systems provided by SDTPS, while the fourth section shows the department’s news portal.

The fifth and last section processes documents through customer service.

Head of Sharjah Department of Town Planning and Survey (SDTPS) Khalid bin Butti bin Obaid Al Muhairi said the department is keen to develop systems of communication with clients to provide them with smooth services.

Over the past years, the department launched several digital initiatives using avant-garde technologies that have helped in providing timely services to its customers, Muhairi noted.

Earlier this month, the Sharjah Commerce & Tourism Development Authority (SCTDA) collaborated with Multiverse Labs to establish a new metaverse city UAE, named Sharjahverse, as it is considered the first metaverse city backed by the government in the world and the world’s most realistic metaverse.

Sharjahverse would provide unprecedented access to almost any location in addition to personalized guest experiences and enhanced entertainment. Through the Sharjahverse, the whole emirate will be accessible and viewable to the public.

Over the past few years, the UAE has positioned itself as one of the world’s prominent hubs for metaverse and blockchain technologies. It works on enabling digital assets companies to launch their operations in the country.

The UAE Ministry of Economy plans to launch its new headquarters in the metaverse to offer its services in the virtual world like the real-world headquarters.

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