September 21, 2023

Sharjah Police Raises Awareness about Cybercrimes via Metaverse

Sharjah Police

Sharjah Police

The Sharjah Police is taking its cybercrime awareness campaign up by launching a new platform on the metaverse.

The interactive website features contact details to report crimes, real e-crime videos, and educational games that cater to people of all ages, especially children.

The platform replicates the physical installation at Al Zahia City Centre, making it more accessible to the public. Sharjah Police received 351 cybercrime reports from January to June this year, which is a significant increase from the 117 reported in the same period last year.

Omar Ahmed Abu Alzoud, the director of criminal investigations at Sharjah Police, stated that the total amount of money stolen through online fraud is in the millions. The amount varies from individual losses of Dh500 [$136] to tens and hundreds of thousands in other cases.

According to Saif Al Shamsi, the commander-in-chief of Sharjah Police, the increase in reports of e-crimes suggests that the public is becoming more aware of the risks associated with them. He credited younger employees who are proficient in technology for creating an updated e-crimes awareness platform.

One of the platform’s features is a digital version of Snakes and ladders, designed to educate players about cyber safety. When landing on a square with a snake, players are warned of online behavior that could make them a victim of e-crime. The squares feature illustrations inspired by new e-crime trends, like misleading and fake Instagram ads.

The platform covers various cybercrimes, including online extortion, electronic fraud, hacking, electronic plagiarism, and phone fraud.

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