November 25, 2022

Sheikh Hamdan Approves New Stage of Dubai Metaverse Strategy

Sheikh Hamdan During The Meeting

Sheikh Hamdan During The Meeting

Crown Prince of Dubai Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum approved the new stage of the Dubai Metaverse Strategy, which aims to promote its digital economy and implement measures that boost the usage of the metaverse and future technology in the emirate.

This came during the first meeting of the Dubai Higher Committee of Future Technology Development and Digital Economy, whose chairman is Sheikh Hamdan on Thursday, according to the Dubai Government Media Office.

Sheikh Hamdan asserted that Dubai is expected to be one of the world’s leading digital economies and a pioneering platform for innovations that shape the future.

The new phase, approved by him, is based on four key strategies, including expanding the usage of the metaverse to cover government services and conducting a comprehensive study about the social benefits of introducing metaverse services.

The phase includes developing the skills of the talented Emiratis to create a big metaverse community in Dubai that includes metaverse companies, startups, investors, and users, in addition to building partnerships with the private sector to launch metaverse-based projects and organize metaverse-related events that make Dubai a regional and global hub for the metaverse activities.

The new stage aims to keep metaverse as part of its broader strategy to promote digital growth and innovation, and achieve the goals of the Dubai Metaverse Strategy, he pointed out.

The meeting touched on implementing the Dubai Metaverse Strategy and the 100-day plan to coordinate the government entities’ work and facilitate their contributions to the development of the digital economy.

This month, the Dubai Chamber for Digital Economy announced that 153 digital start-ups from 27 countries worldwide applied for its Future of the Digital Economy: Business in the Metaverse training academy.

Only 30 start-ups will be chosen to join the training academy to be equipped with the tools and experience required to make them successful in the digital world.

The academy will start its training program from December 5 to December 14. The program will include four interactive sessions covering topics related to NFTs, blockchain, cryptocurrencies Web 3.0 technology, in addition to training the participants in the metaverse.

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