June 21, 2023

Škodaverse India First Web3 Project for Auto Company



Škoda India, the Indian subsidiary of Czech automobile conglomerate Škoda Auto, collaborated with Near Protocol to launch a Web3 and NFT experience, according to Cointelegraph.

Named “Škodaverse India,” the new Web3-based experience will allow users to trade a collection of immersive NFTs, all of which will be minted on carbon-neutral blockchains in line with the sustainable goals.

According to the developers, the NFTs feature lower gas fees and will be interoperable and flexible NFTs for multi-platform usage, distinctly scalable NFTs with high throughput, ideal for trading on marketplaces, and eco-friendly.

“Škodaverse India will also unlock bespoke utilities and experiences for NFT holders which will be revealed along with the first drop details. All NFTs will be minted on carbon-neutral blockchains, aligning with our sustainable vision,” the developers said on the website.

Till now, there is no fixed time or date for the launch of the Škoda NFT collection, but the developers said it will be soon with announcing the offered price. But the company said the offer price of a Škoda NFT can vary depending on factors like rarity, demand, and the specific marketplace.

As for the benefits, the developers noted that buying Škoda NFTs offers some benefits, including owning a unique digital asset representing Škoda‘s artwork or collectibles, potential for value appreciation and resale in the future, and access to exclusive perks, rewards, or experiences tied to NFT ownership.

Owning cryptocurrencies is not essential to buy Škoda NFTs as the platform is flexible and allows trading through crypto as well as fiat currencies.

The developers asserted that this NFT collection is the company’s first venture into the Web3 world, saying: “We step into the Web3 space and invite you to join us by exploring, collecting, and owning unique digital art pieces.”

For more details about Škodaverse India, visit this website: https://skodaverseindia.co.in/

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