February 8, 2023

South Korea Teaches Language in Metaverse

South Korea Teaches Language in Metaverse Featured Image

King Sejong Metaverse

The South Korean Ministry of Culture said it will launch a metaverse version of the King Sejong Institute to enable foreigners to learn the Korean language anytime and anywhere.

King Sejong Institute is a brand name for Korean-language institutes established by the South Korean government around the world since 2007, which has 244 branches in 84 countries by the end of 2022. Still, there were about 10,000 people worldwide waiting to enroll as of September, the ministry was quoted by Yonhap News Agency as saying.

The South Korean ministry pointed out that the metaverse-based service will be launched jointly with the King Sejong Institute Foundation. It also elaborated that foreigners, who are learning the language, are able to practice it in the metaverse virtually while interacting with the everyday lives of Koreans and their culture.

The metaverse platform consists of a virtual campus and village, where learners can experience the lifestyle in South Korea. Landmarks like the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP), Seoul Station, the Han River Park, and Gwangjang Market will be virtually stimulated in the village.

The ministry mentioned that it had launched a trial version of the metaverse platform in November and December, during which about 480 people from 123 countries were connected daily to the platform, expecting that the number would increase from about 150,000 last year to 500,000 by 2027 after the formal launch of the platform.

Recently, South Korea made remarkable progress in the Web3 world, topped by the foundation of its capital, Seoul, in the metaverse for public services for its residents and tourists.

Named “Metaverse Seoul,” the platform allows users to file public documents, tour tourist destinations in Seoul, ask for advice for starting a business, and seek help with taxes in addition to playing games.

The Seoul government has a five-year roadmap for rolling out a full list of government services and activities covering the tourism, business, and cultural sectors. Citizens of Seoul on the platform’s first phase, which had been launched today, have access to official city paperwork, file complaints and get answers about local taxes.

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