January 18, 2023

Spanish Airline Intends to Accept Cryptocurrency as Payment Method



Vueling, a Spanish low-cost airline, announced it will accept cryptocurrencies as a method of payment for its services by the second half of 2023.

Vueling collaborated with Valencian start-up Criptan, certified by the Bank of Spain, to explore the functionality of blockchain and NFTs in helping passengers to book their plane tickets with crypto, Bitcoin News reported.

Vueling’s move makes it the first low-cost airline in Europe to accept crypto as a payment alternative. The Spanish company said the payment option will be available to the public on its website by the third quarter of this year. However, the company did not reveal which cryptocurrencies it will accept.

In this regard, Vueling’s Alliances and Distribution Manager said the agreement with Criptan puts the company in the vanguard of new technologies and innovation, noting it shows Vueling’s commitment to offering various methods of payment using the best and most advanced tools on its website.

Meantime, Criptan’s CEO Jorge Soriano noted: “Vueling is proving to be a leader in everything related to innovation, in a clear movement that shows the potential behind the crypto and web3 ecosystem. We are convinced that we can improve the experience of the user, not only through crypto payments but by bringing the advantages of this ecosystem closer in the most useful and simple way possible.”

Globally, other airlines introduced cryptocurrencies and NFTs as a method of payment, like Flybondi. The Argentinian low-cost airline cooperated with Travelx, a blockchain tech development company, to issue its tickets as NFTs for passengers in September 2022. NFT owners will be able to sell or transfer the tokens to other travelers up to three days before the applicable flight.

Also, the Venezuelan government in October 2021 announced it would accept cryptocurrencies as payment methods for plane tickets, including among these the national token, the petro.

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