March 16, 2023

Dubai Parents Believe Metaverse Impacts Children’s Future

Dubai Parents Believe Metaverse Impacts Children’s Future Featured Image

A recent study showed that Dubai parents believe that the metaverse, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence will have a remarkable impact on their children’s future, according to Al Arabiya News TV Channel. 

Conducted by the Citizens School, the study, titled “The Future of Learning,” found that about 69% of Dubai parents believe that VR and AI would have the largest impact on their children’s future, while 54% of the parents believe that cryptocurrency and metaverse would have an impact. 

The study also showed that 87% of the parents asserted the importance of digital literacy, while 84% thought that resilience and entrepreneurship are critical. 

The paper identified inclusivity, resilience, and entrepreneurship as areas for schools to focus on to better prepare the children for the future. 

In this regard, Founder of Citizens School Dubai Adil Al Zarooni

said: “As the sum of human learning expands, the means of imparting this knowledge requires educators to re-imagine the traditional and challenge the conventional by giving children choices to explore themes, expand interests, and discover new technologies to determine the routes they want to take to reach their full potential.” 

Indeed, A group of schools in the UAE begin to include lessons about metaverse, blockchain, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies for their students to qualify them for the labor market.

These schools also aim to show the potential and advantages of the metaverse to the students, the National Newspaper reported.

One of these schools is Repton School Al Barsha in Dubai, which allocated an hour in its timetable every week for its pupils to make them discover areas of the metaverse, NFTs, blockchain, and game design.

 Repton Al Barsha launched a series of videos to educate the community about the benefits of blockchain, in addition to running an extracurricular activity on NFTs and blockchain this year for interested pupils.

Another school in Dubai, called Citizens School, marked the first school in the Middle East to accept fees in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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