October 10, 2022

Sundus Alibrahim International Porcelain Designer Created Community of Influential Women from NFTs

Sundus Alibrahim

Sundus Alibrahim

At the time when the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) witnessed great prosperity, a big number of Arab artists were keen to join this field to reach more audiences on one hand and maintain their intellectual property on the other hand. Among these artists, who entered the NFT industry, was Sundus Alibrahim of Saudi Arabia. 

Alibrahim is one of the renowned female artists in the field of figurative art and porcelain design. She received several international awards in recognition of her artworks. 

Sundus Alibrahim and NFTs 

Alibrahim is one of the prominent Arab figures who entered the NFT world. She sees that artists and innovators could benefit very much from NFTs.

Unlike what happens in the real world as artists sell their works through mediators who take a big part of the profits, these works could be sold as NFTs without the need for mediators, a process that saves time and is more effective and less costly. 

Alibrahim’s most important NFT artworks Alibrahim launched her NFT collection named “Dolls of the desert”. This NFT collection aims to create a community of influential women transferring their expertise and experiences to younger generations to benefit from them. 

These NFTs reflect the many expressions and feelings that women in Arabia have, but also their culture and identity.

You can follow Alibrahim’s official accounts on social media via these links: 

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