March 2, 2023

Survey: 60% of Consumers Concerned over Data Privacy, Security in Metaverse

Survey: 60% of Consumers Concerned over Data Privacy, Security in Metaverse Featured Image

In light of launching new metaverse experiences in sports and entertainment, a recent survey by Telus International showed that many consumers have concerns about data privacy and security in the virtual world.

About 60% of the participants said that they are uncomfortable completing different tasks in the metaverse as they are concerned about security and privacy, according to the TV Technology website.

More than one-third of the participants (34%) pointed out that they are mainly concerned that their personal data would be breached. While 56% of the surveyed noted that they believe that their data could be easily stolen by hackers in the virtual space.

The survey found that 25% of the consumers said they will be encouraged to interact with brands in the virtual space in case of strong and transparent privacy and security guidelines.

In this regard, Chief Information Center at Telus International Michael Ringman said the metaverse gives a captivating and enjoyable experience for the users to interact with their preferable brands, however, it also gives opportunities for bad actors to deploy and use forms of identity theft.

“Add to the fact that the metaverse is still in its nascency of being regulated, making it easier for fraudsters to impersonate an individual and carry out the unauthorized activity without any real-world implications. To safeguard their customers and brand reputation, companies must prioritize embedding robust trust and safety measures in the foundation of their metaverse strategy, while also ensuring that these measures are seamlessly integrated, so they do not overly complicate the customer journey,” Ringman added.

He also pointed out that ensuring proper data security in any virtual space is a complex process, asserting the importance of expecting new and emerging threats.

Conducted on October 17, 2022, the survey included responses from 1,500 Americans familiar with the metaverse.

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