January 5, 2023

The First Arabs Aims To Support Disadvantaged Communities

The First Arabs

The First Arabs

The momentum of the metaverse and its related technologies resulted in emerging several projects that express various cultures and identities in the virtual world. And the Arab culture is one of the cultures which are being recently promoted in virtual spaces. 

The past period witnessed the launch of several projects that promote the Arab identity and culture in the metaverse. Among these projects is the NFT project of The First Arabs, which we will talk about it in more detail. 

What is The First Arabs? 

The First Arabs is an NFT project consisting of 5,000 unique Arab characters living on the Ethereum blockchain, inspired by cultures from different parts of the Arab world. This collection consists of hundreds of carefully drawn designs, based on eight different themes; namely background, head, skin, eyes, face, clothing, element, and gender.

The common feature in the collection is the names of the 22 Arab countries inscribed on the sides of each image in authentic Kufic script.

The NFT collection describes itself as a group of Arabs making a perilous journey into the metaverse, driven by their collective power and their mission is to revive their diverse and rich culture. 

The Project’s Goals 

The main goal of First Arabs is to support disadvantaged Arab communities as a large portion of the profits will be distributed to high-impact charitable organizations, which work on combating hunger and disease, empowering youth, and helping refugees.

The collection’s primary sales are set to be donated at key milestones, in addition to profits of the secondary sales and profits from future projects and activations. 

The founders of the NFT project wish to build a community that brings people closer together and shares Arab culture across the world. Moreover, the First Arabs signed a partnership agreement with UNHCR to reconsider the NFTs’ role in influencing the real world. 

In brief, we can say that the First Arabs is not only a collection of digital assets representing the Arabs in the metaverse, but it is a means to positively impact peoples’ lives in the real world. 

What Are The Advantages of The First Arabs? 

Owning an NFT is a ticket to all the collection’s future projects and benefits. The owners will be a part of a community of like-minded individuals who want to make an impact and support disadvantaged communities.

The owners will also enjoy exclusive rights, including the right to vote in the community, access to the group’s merchandise shop, as well as commercial advertising rights.

The First Arabs Team

The NFT project’s team includes a group of Arab friends who have a passion for NFTs, blockchain technology, and Web 3.

You can follow The First Arabs’ official accounts on social media via these links: 

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