July 17, 2023

Tobias Bauer… Most Engaging Investor in Web3 Industry

Tobias Bauer

Tobias Bauer

Although some people would think that the hype over the metaverse is over, Web3 investors are still bullish toward the metaverse and keen to pump more investments into it. One of these investor is Tobias Bauer of Germany.

Bauer’s Background

Bauer is considered a well-educated person as he was not enough with getting one Bachelor’s degree or one Master’s degree. He studied at the University of Vienna, the College of International Education of China, the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), Peking University, and Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

In addition, he got four Master’s degrees in Science from Università Bocconi, Tsinghua University, CEMS – The Global Alliance in Management Education, and the National University of Singapore.

Overall, Bauer can speak Chinese, English, and German fluently and has a broad experience in venture capital, consulting, M&A, accounting, controlling, and business development.

Bauer and Web 3.0

Bauer is one of the leading investors in the Web3 industry as he occupies a Partner at Blockchain Founders Fund, which is a Singapore-based early-stage Venture Capital Fund that invests in top-tier Blockchain startups globally. According to him, Blockchain Founders Fund will be investing in 150 companies over the next two years.

He is also a venture partner for Republic, which is a New York-headquartered financial technology company that offers blockchain-based services with investments exceeding $900 million with a community of over 1.5 million users across 100 countries.

He is also a mentor for several venture capital companies such as WEVE Acceleration (formerly NUMA New York), Alchemist Accelerator, APX, Plug and Play Tech Center, 500 Startups, and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Bauer was awarded by Most Engaging Web3 Investor from WikiEXPO in June for his investments in the Web3 industry, saying: “With over 120 investments in early-stage startups we are just getting started and we will continuously back founders using this technology to support real use-cases.”

Bauer’s Vision

Bauer believes in the potential of blockchain technology in doing great things from teaching professors to helping to achieve the UN achieve sustainability goals. He is also enthusiastic about the DeFi trading space, however, he addressed its problems which are related to risk and controls right.

Also, the German Web3 investor wants to make the metaverse a more rewarding and exciting place where users can spend more time in it and get more value from it.

You can follow Tobias Bauer’s official social media accounts here:

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